Automotive Industry Feels Strain From Microchip Shortage

July 8th, 2021 by

Chipping Away At Production

There is a worldwide microchip shortage that is negatively impacting the automotive industry, and it has both dealerships and manufacturers straining to keep ahead of it. The experienced team at Portsmouth Used Car Center has been closely assessing the situation because we are here to assist our customers with what is going on. The shortage first became evident as 2020 drew to a close because consumers placed a higher demand on electronic devices at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This increased the pressure on chipmakers to produce more and more microchips and try to satisfy the global market. As a result, the automotive industry became heavily affected when this year began because while factories and plants reopened, they encountered a shortage of the chips needed to operate a vehicle’s entertainment systems and powerplant. Today, many manufacturers have paused the engineering of new vehicles and are even shuttering plants while they await more chips.

“Ford has taken to building F-150s without the missing microchips and holding them in lots until the chips can be sourced and installed and the trucks sent to dealerships.” – Car And Driver article

What This Means

Here at Portsmouth Used Car Center, it is our aim to make sure you have every fact that we have about the ongoing microchip shortage. We also are inviting all of our customers to sell their current vehicles to us, get a remarkable cash offer in return, and discover the gently-used vehicle that neatly fits into your personal budget.* Our staff will be sure to walk you through how the process works and address your questions about it. We are continuing to stay aware of the situation and making sure we understand what is going on with that. Be sure to reach out to Portsmouth Used Car Center to learn more today!

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