Get Your Vehicle Ready For Spring

March 29th, 2021 by

Embrace The Sun

It’s true, spring has finally sprung and it is now time to remove the debris left by the snowy season. That means giving your current vehicle a much-needed refresh, which is why the service professionals at Portsmouth Used Car Center recommend you schedule a spring service appointment for your used car. Before you do that, you can kickstart the process right from your home by following several tips we have outlined below. Our technicians recognize you are raring to hit the open road, but it is vital your vehicle is in prime condition before traveling. Check out our convenient tips below and then contact our highly-skilled technicians to set up your spring service appointment for used cars today.

DIY Advice

Our service department suggests starting by:

• Cleaning Your Vehicle. This is a solid place to start to get your automobile clutter-free because it applies to both your interior and exterior. Our technicians will ensure you receive a car wash when you set up your spring service appointment for your used car.*

• Checking Key Components. Remember to carefully look over parts of your vehicle that may have been the most impacted by winter. These include your tires, windshield wipers, and all over your exterior.

• Inspecting Your Fluids. A crucial spring cleaning tip for cars is to examine how much fluids, like windshield wiper fluid, are left in your vehicle. The Portsmouth Used Car Center service team will top you off while we perform maintenance on your car.

• Scheduling Service. We are standing by to conduct work on your vehicle, ensure everything is in working order, and even point out detailed service specials you can enjoy.

Spring Cleaning Done Right

Here at Portsmouth Used Car Center, we hope you find these cleaning tips for your car useful. Reach out with any inquiries or to schedule your next spring service appointment for your used car today!

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