How To Safely Drive In The Snow

February 4th, 2021 by

Worried About Nor’easters?

It is a valid concern because those intense winter storms are infamous in the Granite State. The experts at Portsmouth Used Car Center understand that all too well and we want to do our part in ensuring you remain totally safe while you travel during the snowy season. That is why we have gathered a list of helpful tips for driving in the New Hampshire snow. Be sure to read them over and try them out on your next trip.

Schedule Maintenance

Before trekking across any tundra, it is imperative you set up a maintenance appointment with our knowledgeable service department. We will inspect your cherished ride and guarantee that your tires, hoses, fluids, heating, battery, and windshield wipers are in full working order.

Have the Right Tires

A solid tip for driving in the snow in New Hampshire is to install snow tires. Doing so will provide you with more grip and traction on icy road surfaces.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

There should always be an emergency kit of some kind within your vehicle. For winter, we recommend that you include warm clothes, extra food rations, necessary medication, chargers for electronic devices, water, ice scrapers, etc.

Take Your Time

One crucial tip for driving in the New Hampshire snow is to practice constant vigilance and use caution as you travel. Keep in mind to only use your brakes whenever necessary and make sure you come to a complete stop when you do. Always be mindful of other drivers, use your headlights at all times, and make sure you remain focused on the road ahead.

Stay Safe During Snowfall

Here at Portsmouth Used Car Center, we hope these tips for driving in the snow in New Hampshire will be invaluable to your journeys this winter. Our service technicians are standing by to examine your vehicle, so schedule your appointment today!

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